Viktor Mikhailovich Inyushin

Biophysics is his life thing


Doctor of Biological Sciences (1997)

Professor (1998)

Academician of the Laser Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation (2000)

Intern Researcher (1963-1973)

Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor of the Department of Histology and Cytology of the Kazakh State University n.a. S.M. Kirov, Head of the Department of Biophysics and Biochemistry (1973-1980)

Head of the problem laboratory "Bioenergy structure of biosystems" (1974)

Head of the Department of Biophysics and Biochemistry (1984-1995)

Head of the Department of Biophysics and Biology Teaching Methodology (1995-1999), from 1999 to the present day - Professor of the Department of Biophysics and Biomedicine

Inyushin Viktor Mikhailovich is the founder of the "Kazakh Biophysical School". Under his leadership, the possibilities of using bioresonance laser therapy in world science and practice were substantiated. He was the first to carry out bioresonance rehabilitation of blood cells after radiation injury. In 1972, in Lviv, V.M. Inyushin successfully defended his doctoral thesis on the topic "Histophysiological study of the effects of radiation from optical quantum generators and other light systems on humans and animals", becoming the youngest doctor of biological sciences in the USSR, and soon a professor in biophysics. V.M. Inyushin is organizer of the only Department of Biophysics in Central Asia and Kazakhstan, head of which he was in the period 1973-1999. The creation of the Department of Biophysics revealed his bright scientific and pedagogical talent. This allowed him to pay great attention to biophysical research development and coordination in Kazakhstan and to resolve issues of training specialists in biophysics. For ecology, particular importance are his works on the topic of pathogenic and biogenic water in human life. His works caused a discussion in scientific circles not only in the USSR, but also in the world. Nowadays, it has already been proven that biogenic and pathogenic water is a reality with which humanity must be considered.

1969-1988 Member of the International Association for the Study of the Kirlian Effect (New York), Chairman of the Committee of Bioenergetic and Psycho-Bioenergy Rehabilitation of the International Anti-Nuclear Movement "Nevada-Semipalatinsk"

1973-1999 Member of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Biology and the Scientific and Technical Council of the Research Institute of Problems of Biology and Biotechnology

1978 Member of the editorial board of foreign publications "Psycho-energy systems" (USA), "Auriculotherapy" (Israel)

1989 Honorary Member of the Academic Council of the Zoroastrian College (Bombay, India); 1991 Member of the Academic Council of the Monterey Institute of Healing Art (San Francisco, USA)

1996 Full member (academician) of the Laser Academy of the Russian Federation

2012 Honorary Doctor of Medicine "International University of Alternative Medicine at UNESCO" ( Colombo).


Main awards:

Badge "Honored Inventor of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (1984)

Medal of the International Foundation n.a. A.L. Chizhevsky (1992)

Badge of honor "Truth, belief in the right" (2002)

The Order of Kurmet (2008)

Gold Medal of the European Scientific-Production Chamber (2013)

Medal of the International Antinuclear Movement "Nevada-Semipalatinsk" (2014)

Medal "80 years of KazNU n.a. Al-Farabi" (2014)