How to buy a car, real estate,
or close a loan, mortgage for
35% of the cost!
The Automatic profit generation system
Finiko is a company that is engaged in the capitalization of money and its increase according to the principle of predictable risks and helps people solve their financial problems.
Finiko History

The company was born in the summer of 2019. It all started with the fact that Kirill Doronin, the founder of Finiko, having met talented traders by fate, increased his capital, and did it with great success. His friends, seeing the results, began to ask to take their money into management, and later friends of friends. So the idea came up to create a platform with which everyone could give their money to manage professionals.

With good intentions, the company came up with an interesting marketing move in order to capitalize on funds in its management as much as possible. Today, the main need of people is to close loans, mortgages, buy a good car, apartment, house. And the Finiko company helps its customers solve these issues quickly enough, and in return receives grateful customers and an increase in capitalization and, as a result, an increase in profitability.

What investment programs does Finiko offer?

There can be a minimum deposit of $ 1,000. Deposit and withdrawals are only in bitcoins. The deposit is unlimited.

How does it work?

  • 1 step. Register at Finiko
  • 2 step. Refill the balance in your account
  • 3 step. Buy CTI in your account.
  • 4 step. Make a profit every business day from Mon to Fri

Example: You have deposited $ 1000. In three days you'll be charged interest. Why in three days? This is the time needed for the company to put your deposit on its exchange accounts in order to start working. Interest can be withdrawn from $ 100. 

Deposit withdrawal can be ordered at any time, but the company will give it back to you only in 21 working days.

This program allows you to close any debt, loan, mortgage for 35%.


How does it work?

  • 1 step. Find out the balance of the loan debt
  • 2 step. Conclude an agreement with Finico
  • 3 step. Contribute to the company 35% of the debt
  • 4 step. The company closes your loan in 10 months

Example: Balance on the loan $7.233 Contributed $2.531 + $144,672 (for servicing per year) Once a month for 10 months, the company transfers to the bank 30% of the payment amount = $759,528, so the loan will be repaid ahead of schedule in 10 months

These programs allow you to purchase a car or property for 35% of the cost.

How does it work?

  • 1 step. Choose a car or property
  • 2 step. Conclude an agreement with Finico
  • 3 step. Contribute to the company 35% of the cost
  • 4 step. After 120 days, become the owner

Example: A car with a value of $14.467,2 was selected. $5063,52

+ $144,672 were contributed (for service under the contract). Waiting for 120 days. Pick up a car from the passenger compartment (without encumbrance). The same thing with an apartment or any other real estate.

Finiko Presentation

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Andrey Dolzhevsky bought a Mercedes Benz for 35% of the cost

Finiko Porshe reviews for 35%