Water – "live" and "dead"

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Modern science has proved the justice of genius insight of our remote ancestors, founders of religion and philosophy that water is the fundamental principle of all things in the world.

The outstanding thinker of antiquity Plato (about 427-347 BC), his pupil Aristotle (384-322 BC) and others in the system of the universe gave water a fundamental role.

The most famous of the seven wise men of ancient Greece, Thales from Miletus (about 625-547 BC), saw the fundamental principle of all things in water. He believed that from the water all things originate at the very beginning and turn into it at the final destruction, and the fundamental principle remains unchanged, and only its states change.

Indeed, water consists of the most abundant atoms in our world — hydrogen and oxygen, and the most common atom in the Universe is hydrogen.

The sun consists mainly of hydrogen, contains some helium, carbon and oxygen. The entire Universe is 98% hydrogen.

The emergence of the world begins with the condensation of interstellar water (OH) with the formation of giant masers-protostars from it. Being condensed and compressed, burning hydrogen, protostars gradually turn into stars and planets. It all starts with water, according to the words of Thales of Miletus.

Water has played a crucial role in the emergence of the Earth as a planet and life on it.

Earth is the most aquatic planet of the solar system.

The total water content on Earth is approximately 1 400 million km3 (1.4×1 018 m3).

According to modern data, the Earth’s water resources are composed of water:

seas and oceans - 1 350 million km3 (1.35 x 1 018 m3) with a salinity of 35 g/l;

polar glaciers – 30-40 mln km3 (3.5 × 1 016 m3) fresh, but not readily available for use;

rivers and lakes – 0.4 million km3 (4 × 1 014 m3) fresh and available for use;

underground, fresh or mineralized, located to a depth of 800 m — 4 million km3 (4 × 1 016 m3) and up to 1 600 m — 4 million km3 (4 × 1 015 m3)

Besides the fact that water forms the entire hydrosphere, it is included in rocks and minerals, such as clay, gypsum, etc., in the soil, is found in all plant and animal organisms, reaching in some cases 90% of their weight.

And the atmosphere contains water, and at an altitude of 1 km above the Earth's surface, the concentration of water vapor in the air is on average about 2%.

Fresh water is only 0.06% of all water resources available to us, which amounts to 826,000 cubic kilometers.

In the depths of the earth, water does a tremendous job, destroying rocks and minerals, dissolving salts, recrystallizing sediments. It is directly involved in most chemical processes occurring on the surface of the planet.

Since water appeared on Earth, life has become possible; it was in the aquatic environment that living organic matter originated.

Life is possible without oxygen (anaerobic bacteria), but without water, no life forms are known. When a living organism loses 10% of water, self-poisoning occurs, and if more than 20% is lost, death occurs.

Genius Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) wrote: "Imagic power is given to water to be the Juice of Life on Earth".

Our blood is 90% of water, muscles contain 75% of water, and the most "dry" in us is bones — 28% of water. Person can live without food for 40 days, and without water dies on the 8th day.

According to the Bible, all living things are spawned by water. In the fourth and fifth periods of creation, at the behest of the Creator, reptiles, birds, cattle, animals, and reptiles were born out of water. In Genesis, in chapter 1, verses 20-21; 1 we read: "And God said: Let the water of reptiles produce living soul. And let the birds fly over the earth, according to the firmament of heaven. And it became so. And God created the great fish, and every soul of animals and reptiles, which the waters brought forth, after their kind, and every bird of feathery after its kind... ".

Water is a unique substance possessing incomparable physicochemical and biological properties.

The phenomenon of water is that, first of all, being the primary basis of biological life, it is an extremely mobile and highly sensitive system with a pronounced set of anomalous properties depending on the nature of the environmental effect on it.

The word "only" can be applied to water countless times. It is, for example, an exceptional solvent. Almost everything is dissolved in it — any substances and compounds in any aggregative state: liquid, solid and gaseous.

Therefore, water in a chemically pure form in nature does not exist and the properties of water, including biological ones, depend on those factors with which it came into contact earlier.

Legends, myths, as well as the sacred writings of various nations have brought to us the eternal dream of people about "live" water that can cure ailments, overcome death, give people unfading youth and even immortality.

The Bible also speaks eloquently of "live" water. The first meeting with live water after the flood occurred in the life of Patriarch Isaac — the Abraham's son! "And the days of Isaac’s life were 180 years" (Genesis 35: 28:29).

What was the secret of Isaac’s long and happy life? The Bible says this: "And the slaves of Isaac dug in the valley, and they found there a well of live water" (Genesis 26:19).

The prophet Ezekiel (Zechariah 14: 8) explains the life-giving effect of "live" water with these words! "This water ... will enter the sea, and its waters will be made healthy".

Many researchers share the opinion that the legends about "live" water is an echo of those ancient times, when there was an extraordinary riot of life on Earth. Giant plants grew on it, huge lizards developed, and giant mammals like saber-toothed tigers and cave bears. This phenomenon is explained by the properties of ancient fresh water, which at that time was crystal clear, had a structure of ice and melt water.

The peculiarity of this water was that its content of heavy isotopes of hydrogen, deuterium and tritium, was significantly lower than their current level. Now this ancient (relic) water is preserved in nature only in the form of ancient ice.

It is the action of "live" water that explains the Russian scientist and priest V.Strelayev who works in Brazil. overlongevity of biblical patriarchs. Then God, for the sins of man, believes V.  Strelyaev, punished the first people, and sent a flood caused by 40-day rainfall on them, bringing deuterium and tritium from the stratosphere, thereby polluting the waters of the Earth, making them "dead". Since then, person tormented by disease, premature aging, cancer.

However, he refers to the conclusions of Russian scientists, apparently referring to the work of I.V. Toroptsev, B.N. Rodimov and other Siberian scientists, who for the first time in science discovered the beneficial effect of "live" melt waters with a 20-25% lower content of deuterium and tritium.

It should be said that modern snow falling in high latitudes also contains less deuterium and tritium. Therefore, water from Yakut or Siberian snow contains 20-30% less deuterium and tritium. Doesn't this explain the enviable health and longevity of the peoples living there?

Our uneasy and disturbing time gave rise to number of problems, the reality of which, a hundred years ago, nobody even dreamed of in a nightmare.

We are talking about the total pollution of our common home — the long-suffering Nature, including fresh drinking water, products of "technical progress" — harmful and toxic substances.

The unique properties of water are to be a universal solvent and to perceive any information begins to work against the life which she once spawned. Every day more and more substances appear in water, which depress or kill any life.

Thousands of large and small rivers of all continents carry poisoned waters, in which life once boiled and flourished. Already, in some regions, drinking water from inland waters and surface subsurface horizons has been delivered to the brink of disaster.

The water that surrounds us is not only contaminated with radionuclides, detergents, oil products, poisonous gases, pesticides and other toxic chemicals, it is also affected by the negative effects of various man-made fields, as well as so-called "biosensor fields" created by people in a hostile relationship to each other.

Recently, scientists have discovered a new class of biologically active compounds secreted by blue-green algae that breed in freshwater polluted water. These substances are stored when boiling, chlorination, ozonation, severely damage human health. Therefore, they are called "devil's bullets" (active ingredient molecules).

Information on discovery of these active ingredient molecules was kept secret by the leading powers until the end of the 1980s for reasons of military strategic security.

Active ingredient molecules, penetrating with water and food into the human body, cause metabolic disorder, decrease in immunity, mutations, provoke cancer, cause intellectual helplessness. Today there is no territory not infected with "devil's bullets", and the internal surfaces of water pipes are directly plastered with them.

All these negative effects leave a persistent vicious mark on the structure of water, eventually making it "dead". And the "dead" water brings accelerated aging, diseases and premature death to the whole living world.

According to the World Health Organization, more than 80% (!) of all human diseases on our planet are associated with the use of polluted water.

Based on the above, on the basis of broad analysis of world literature, as well as authors' scientific experience, it can be said that from the point of view of strict science, "live" water – water that does not carry any harmful, toxic and radioactive impurities, in its structure, approaching the structure of melt water, not containing harmful structural traces of various chemical and field effects, as well as having a low content of deuterium and tritium.

Accordingly, "dead" water – water that has harmful, toxic and radioactive impurities, containing harmful structural traces of various chemical and field effects, as well as having an increased content of deuterium and tritium.

From this theoretical definition follow purely practical conclusions.

The most important of them is the answer to the question: Is it enough to get high-grade drinking water that gives health, only cleaning, even the most perfect one? Is it enough, removing harmful and toxic substances from water sources of mutagens and carcinogens, to get high-quality drinking water that is good for health?

Having regard to the above, we answer: No, it is not enough, impurities left the water will leave their "structural trace" and water will "remember" about their stay, remaining essentially "sick" — carcinogenic and mutagenic. In addition, modern industrial water treatment systems do not change the concentration of deuterium and tritium in it. Even after high-quality purification, such water, although better than untreated, however, cannot be considered full-fledged, "live".

Fresh water on the Earth is only 0.06% of all water resources available to us, which amounts to 826,000 cubic kilometers.

The small amount of fresh water at the disposal of humanity is more and more polluted by waste from its life and man-made activities, so the demand for clean water has long been ahead of the possibility of meeting it.

It is now, and what will happen tomorrow?

That is why, as of paramount importance for humanity, it is necessary to set the task of transforming polluted, "dead" water into "live" water on the planet's scale, which would give humanity physical, mental and moral health, creative longevity, and organic life around a person — harmony and development potential.

"Live" water should be an integral element of the ecological cities of the future, the so-called "ecopolises", on concept development of which many leading scientists of the world work.

As part of this strategic task, we set narrower and more specific goal: how to "make" drinking water, flowing from our taps, with biologically active healing drinking water, without harmful impurities, with living structure.