What is Hydroplasma

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Hydroplasma discovery — great breakthrough to the human history.

Although few people understand this at the moment, as the poet well said "Face to face, not to see. A lot is seen in the distance. A lot is seen in the distance".

This is exactly the case with hydroplasma discovery.

This discovery gives humanity a unique chance —  survival chance, because our technological civilization literally kills, deadens the water in the process of its development. And the greater the heights of science and technology, the more it is destroyed by living, creative, vital component of water.

Now exactly the same thing happens with water as with food, which, given the visual appeal and brightness of taste, is completely "empty" in content, does not nourish the body at all.

The situation is the same now with water — they just talk less about it and give less alarm — chemically pure, highly purified and our drinking water that meets all standards of cleanliness (tap water, filtered, bottled) — our body does not give water, just like store food does not feed him.

The person who has not yet understood this sad fact is doomed to loss of health — and rather faster than slow, for speeds of technological civilization are growing every year.

HYDROPLASMA DISCOVERY HISTORY: In the 80s of XX century, in the world of biophysics, there was an active discussion about "memory of water"  phenomenon, because by that time a lot of data had already accumulated that water remembers certain electromagnetic, sound effects, etc. But how can water preserve memory? At the molecular level? At the atomic? For a long time, this question remained debatable among scientists. At the physics department of the Alma-Ata University, the issue of water memory has been studied quite closely. Where does the memory of water molecules come from? A group of scientists explained this phenomenon by the presence of iron in water, whose particles magnetized. But this version was wrong. When lasers and laser technology appeared, and scientists at the Alma-Ata University were pioneers in this field, not only in the USSR, but around the world, they began to study the effect of laser on blood (and blood is mainly water) and found out that the laser affects memory of water even more than the magnetic field. And magnetic impurities of iron are nothing to do with, they play an insignificant role here. After exposure to the laser memory was saved, probably for tens of days. Our first publications so impressed the scientific world that it was the discovery of one of the ideas about the resonant spectral memory of water. As part of study, it turned out that in addition to memory, inside water, there is plasma at an even deeper level. These are charges and neutral particles that give water the opportunity to become an anti-entropic structure, lowering the entropy. Then plasma concept was already known, as the fourth aggregate state consisting of elementary particles, without molecules and without atoms. And then scientists under the Inyushin's leadership introduced hydroplasma concept. It turns out that in this state the water molecules are immersed in the plasma medium. And this plasma medium allows water to exist as a stable structure. Moreover, living organism draws free energy from it for its activity. In addition to food, we also need the hydroplasmic water energy. Where does this energy come from and why can it be saved? The fact is that hydroplasma is memory matrix that accumulates information from the external environment. Then it transforms the structural modifications of plasma particles, and then gives them to living organism: membranes and cells. The scientists of the Inyushin group conducted the first large experiment on the research site of the Ministry of Defense of India, for almost two months. In the course of this experiment, they showed how hydroplasma affects all properties of water, including after the use of potent poisons as chemical weapons. The level of toxicity due to hydroplasma was reduced almost two to three times, which surprised Indian scientists a lot. They immediately expressed a desire to apply this property in artificial silk industry, in manufacturing technology of which water becomes chemically poisoned. Subsequently, drinking water with hydroplasma addition experimentally began to use and workers employed in hazardous industries. They began to feel better, their appetite increased, accumulated toxins began to come out. When group of scientists led by Inyushin revealed the presence of water memory, discovered the hydroplasma existence, work began on creating technology for producing hydroplasma from natural water. Such technology was created and now we have hydroplasma in the finished product form.

So, hydroplasma is a complex structure consisting of plasma particles.

In the water of rivers, lakes and other natural reservoirs there is a certain reserve of such structures.

Thanks to these structures, water is self-cleaning.

In the old days, water in rivers never became infected with pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and other toxins, because it was constantly purified due to the presence of hydroplasma in it.

Scientists discovered it with the help of optical projection spectrometers, and in the course of researching its properties revealed a weak optical activity of this plasma, the ability of hydroplasma "to breathe" along with the cosmos, to respond to solar flares and changes occurring in the geophysical environment (underground).

The "memory" of water is the key that will allow the creation of hydraulic technologies.

It is not only about human health; this is the health of rivers, the health of lakes; This is a wonderful vegetable food (vegetables, fruits, herbs and even bread), grown on clean water.

The idea of scientists of the V.M. Inyushin's group received its development and recognition not only in Kazakhstan itself (where research on hydroplasma was conducted), but also in Russia, Germany, South Korea, Thailand, and India.

Drinking water consumed by people must meet not only the standards for biochemical indicators, but, more importantly, be biogenic, that is, correspond to the water that should be present in the body of healthy person. This is the highest biological value of water, which can be achieved with the help of new technologies for study and application of hydroplasma.

Hydroplasma concentrate allows to make biogenic (i.e., live) simple water that we use in everyday life.

It is enough to add a few drops of hydroplasma concentrate to water and it becomes structured, biogenic.

The number of drops added to water depends on the tasks that are solved by each specific person.

For example, to solve the tasks of general health plan (maintaining health in the healthy body), it is enough to add 1-2 drops per half liter of water.

To resolve issues related to the loss of health already, 5 drops per half liter of water are recommended.

To resolve issues related to the cure of specific diseases, an individual number of drops of hydroplasma is selected. Of course, here already hydroplasma is used in combination with other methods of recovery. One should not think that hydroplasma is a medicine. Hydroplasma is the BASIS for health recovery. In the presence of such basis, all those active medical preparations and technologies that previously had given person a very small effect will start working.